Why Choose Dr Perry


Customised Treatment giving you a Great Smile

Dr Ronan Perry is the only Specialist Orthodontist in Leinster who also holds a Master’s in Lingual Orthodontics from the University of Hannover.

Not all orthodontic treatments are the same. Dr Perry’s provides his patients with a customised treatment plan. The lingual braces that he fits are computer designed and individually customised for each patient. These braces provide more precise and faster results than conventional braces.

By using the latest diagnostic techniques Dr Perry is able to visualise your teeth, roots, joints, bone, airway and facial structure in order to customise a treatment plan to give you a winning smile.

The combination of comprehensive diagnosis and computer-built orthodontic braces provides you with the most accurate treatment plan, giving you a great smiler faster. For patients, this means fewer office visits and exceptional comfort.

Face Orthodontics

No longer is orthodontic treatment just about treating the smile by straightening teeth. Dr Perry takes an holistic approach to orthodontics. Instead of only straightening teeth, Dr Perry looks at a person teeth in relation to his or her entire face, giving a more natural smile in keeping with a persons face.

FACE guided orthodontics not only improves the bite and the aesthetic appearance of the smile but also improves the way your smile will look now and in the future: your face will age better and you will look younger, longer.

Working with other Specialists

By combining orthodontics with other specialties Dr Perry can also revitalise your smile and appearance. Dr Perry always works in tandem with your general dentist and other specialists to achieve the best possible results. Whether you want to align your jaws, teeth or get the smile you always wanted, Dr Perry will team up with oral surgeons, plastic surgeons, periodontists, restorative and cosmetic dentists or other specialists. This interdisciplinary approach to treatment ensures you get the smile you always wanted.